In 1760, Count d’Argenson built a vast grange near a small sheepfold.

Around 1820, the smallest building was ruined and the grange kept the name of : sheepfold.

It presents a frontage of 80 metres long and 12 metres deep with a one-sloping roof.

A sundial, oriented to the west, gives the hour from 11am to 1pm. It’s called : Meridienne.

The pediment of 15 metres, has been sculpted by Duval ; it represents Cybele, goddess of the Nature and  the Fecundity, leaning against a lion, she is surrounded by 4 chubby loves in a mineral, animal and vegetable scene.

On the medallions were deer heads in potery. In the 18th century, all the frontage was painted in red brick.  

The majesty of the construction reveals the prestige and the taste for the arts of the family d’Argenson.

Actually, the Sheepfold belongs to the common. (M.H. 1966)



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