The first church was ordered by Martin Pussort in 1655.

In 1890, the church became dangerous, the churchwarden died, having fallen through the floor of the bell-tower.

The new church, in neo-Byzantine style, found to be very unusual for the inhabitants, was dedicated in 1896.

The round bell-tower is on an octagonal base, supported by a square tower serving of narthex.



A single nave with 8 semi-circular windows includes columns with capitals soberly ornamented.

The apse is under 3 archivolts and the triumphal arc has 2 shields with the armories of Leon XIII, pope, and Mgr Pelgé, archbishop of Poitiers.

The alabaster bas-relief represents the entombment has been realized for the first church and placed on the altar of the present church.

One bell was offered by the family d’Argenson and the other came from the church of Poizay-le-joli, destroyed in 1818.


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