Until 1950, a very big fair took place every month, the third wednesday : the school-children had a day off to help their parents (usually it was thursday).

It was a livestock fair : the men sold and bought bulls, oxen, cows, asses, “baudets”(donkeys), horses, pigs, sheep…

A fountain was in the middle of the square to water the animals.

It was provided by an artesian well located in the hills.

This fountain, also supplied the tank of the train station for the stream engines.


The War Memorial

The war memorial was erected after the first World war by Mr Maitre and installed in front of the Bergerie.

At the top, there was a bronze rooster striking down the german eagle.

In June 1940, when the Germans arrived in Les Ormes, they destroyed this symbol.

The monument is now in the Place de la Liberté.


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