Horse Relay

The Horse Relay is a historical monument of the 18th century, classified for its exceptionnal architecture.

It is the last “relais de poste” with its original structure.

In 1754, Count d’Argenson, Intendant des Postes du Roi, requested permission from Louis XV to open a Relay at Les Ormes.

Inaugurated in 1764, the relay is the most remarkable of France by its proportions and its architecture.

A large quadrangle with sides of 70 metres, the ensemble is the reference of a Relay Post :

  • Majestic entrance on the road leading to a vast yard with the buildings all around.
  • On each side of this entrance, the saddlery and the room for the postilions.
  • On the left and on the right, the residence and the hostel.
  • At the back of the yard, a great stable and 2 smaller ones.
  • The roof of the great stable has an “oculus” to lower the feed for the horses.
  • In the middle, a large pediluvium to refresh and bathe the horses.

In 1824, François Marquet, Master of Post, bought the practice to the Marquis d’Argenson.

In 1851, the Paris-Poitiers railway was inaugurated by Emperor Napoléon III.

The 31st May 1873, the Relays were officially closed.


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