Halles, Wash House and Turret


In 1642, with Antoine and Martin Pussort, Les Ormes became a Barony with the right of a market, (they decided the price of food, bread and all commodities) and the right to pronounce Justice.

The third Wednesday of each month, the men held the cattle fair was in the large Place du Champ de Foire and the women organized a courtyard fair below the market place.

They sold chickens, cocks, chicks, ducks, geese, ganders, goslings, rabbits,…and also goat-cheese.

First, the wash-house was on the verge of the river then moved to the actual place next to a spring, that always runs even years of dryness.

The ladies would leave their “cassettes” (small boxes with a cushion to kneel and protect from splashes) and the beaters to wash.

It was the rendez-vous for the “tattlers” where news was shared.

The very thick wall completed by a round tower forming a head that we called Tourelle was built in 1770 to protect the terrace of the Castle from the floods of the river. It is like a sea-wall.

At the end of the 19th century, a window and a door were installed to form a “summer lounge” but they have been ruined by bad weather.

Boating parties took place here.


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