Town Hall’s Park


Built in 1871 by Louis Marnay, this residence was bequeathed to the Gilles family. An ancestor was the first mayor after the French Revolution.

The main house is made of tufa, the foundations of limestone from Chauvigny and the roofs are in slate.

On each side, there are outbuildings : to the left, the caretaker’s house with a bread oven still usable and to the right, a stable, a saddlery and a garage. In the park, a kennel.

It became the Town Hall of Les Ormes in 1995.

This house is surrounded by a Park of 1 hectare and a half planted with a large diversity of trees. Some rare varieties like Gingko Biloba, Araucaria, cork oak, medicinal limetree,…
There was a fishpond.

The ensemble was closed by a 3 meters high wall made of rubble and cob.

In the park, a playground for children has been settled.

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