St Sulpice’s Priory

Saint Sulpice’s Priory

Saint Sulpice, bishop of Bourges, called “the devout” died in 647.

The Priory church is dedicated to him. This priory, founded in the middle of the 11th century, dependent on the abbey of Noyers in Touraine, on the parish of Poizay le joli. This parish would be attached to Les Ormes in 1791.

The estate of 4 hectares (10 acres) embraces the Church, the Prior’s house, the farm house and a great field.

In 1538, François de Besnais, Lord of the Castle of La Fontaine, just nearby, obtained from the Prior, the permission to build a chapel dedicated to the Holy Virgin. It is joined to the church by an arch.

The cemetery around the chapel was used until the French Revolution (1789).

This Priory, disanctified, is now a private property.

The bread-ovens and the wells

Formerly, there was a « banal » oven (open to everybody), next to the place du Pilori.

Today, about fifteen ovens remain in private homes.

Each house had its own well or a well for two. There were also common wells.

The Priory has two ovens and two wells, for the Prior and the farmer.

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